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    5 FADE
    /slideshows/homeFull/IMG_7375.JPG Entrance Processional
    /slideshows/homeFull/IMG_8394.JPG Wedding Many Blessings to Joann and Sam as they begin their Marriage in the Lord!
    /slideshows/homeFull/IMG_8504.JPG Our 2018 Confirmandi May you be-the-best-version-of-yourself today and always. Be Bold Be Brave Be Catholic
    /slideshows/homeFull/20180520_114619.jpg Our new Holy Water Font The blessing of our new Holy Water Font. Designed and made by Leo Kosokowsky
    /slideshows/homeFull/20180520_111851.jpg Pentecost Sunday The Holy Spirit was present today at our Mass with the children!
    /slideshows/homeFull/IMG_8480.JPG Welcome to Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church
    /slideshows/homeFull/IMG_7908.JPG Music Ministry We welcome new members at anytime. Just stop by and talk to John!
    /slideshows/homeFull/IMG_7942.JPG Altar Servers We welcome youth to our Altar Serving Team at any time. Talk to Fr. Tony or Christine.
    /slideshows/homeFull/IMG_8558.JPG Confirmation Catechists Thank you to our Confirmation Catechists for sharing your faith with our youth!
    /slideshows/homeFull/IMG_8230.JPG First Holy Communion 2018 You are BLESSED. May you lead a holy life and be the best-version- of- yourself!
    /slideshows/homeFull/IMG_8219.JPG Fr. Tony's 30th Anniversary! Many Blessings from your parishioners Fr. Tony. May you continue to grace us with your Holy presence!
    /slideshows/homeFull/20180509_103401.jpg Crowning of Mary Our Lady of Perpetual Help School Mass
    /slideshows/homeFull/20180511_140116.jpg Crowning of Mary St. Christopher school Mass
    /slideshows/homeFull/20180512_142311.jpg Confirmation Retreat 2018 Fun and Games at our Rereat
    /slideshows/homeFull/IMG_8314.JPG Baptism We welcome the children to our Christian Catholic Faith every other month. Contact Christine for more information.